Herb Stuffed Yankee Pot Roast Recipe

Ronnie found this recipe below in Cuisine at Home several years ago.  The preparation and cooking steps take a while but we think this pot roast is the best ever. Go here to see the recipe and ingredients:

Herb Stuffed Yankee Pot Roast Recipe from Cuisine at Home

The steps follow:

  • Assemble all the vegetables. Some celery, onions and carrots are chopped for the first step


  • Stuff the chuck roast with fresh thyme and garlic

Chuck roast

  • Chop the veggies and assemble the ingredients for the sauce

Sauce stuff


  • Brown the veggies then add the sauce ingredients

sautee vegies

  • Put the roast on top, cover and put in the over at 325 for 2 hours

roast on top2 hrs at 325


  • The root vegetables, red potatoes, turnips. parsnips and carrots are prepared for the last step. The mushrooms go in  here too.


root veggies



  •  When the 2 hours is up take the roast out to stir up the sauce

stir the sauce

  • Add the remaining spices, put the roast back and add all the root vegetables.

add all

  • Cover and put back in the over at 325 for 2 more hours

It’s ready when it come out of the oven this time




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