Hurricane Matthew – The damage is stunning

Out on a bike ride yesterday morning and I saw that all the houses on Porpoise Circle were hit with major flood damage.  These homes are only a few hundred yards from ours….pa180013

This house is at the corner of Porpoise Drive about 100 feet from the revetment wall ….lower lever completely destroyed, siding torn off, roof destroyed….and, as I rode up the Circle I found that all the homes on this street had major flood damage on the ground level and some had major damage on on both levels …mattresses and house debris out in front of every house..

I keep saying how lucky we were!

At the end of the Fripp Bridge just before the Security Gate two huge trees down ……..



The docks off the houses on the Fripp Inlet were destroyed and the debris was blown up here….


Someone came up with this sign at the gate for returning homeowners…


The piles keep growing…ours is now the highest on Porpoise Drive…



I heard the estimate is 100,000 cubic yards of debris on our island…if true it would take 10,000 truck loads to haul it off…and where would it go?

Apparently we cannot get a burn permit so the best option will probably be to grind it up …..this looks like the way Hilton Head Island will go.

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