Family Gathering on Fripp Island

This year for the first time in several years we had a chance to get all the family together again at one time in one place. We had 17 adults (or near adults) and 3 little kids….only one of my Grandchildren didn’t’ make it. The family started arriving early at our house and by Sunday afternoon June 18th our house was packed waiting to check in at 4 PM. Here are a few picking up their rental golf carts on Sunday at the Marina….

Austin, Alex and Brandon


Hannah and Kayla with Mom Kathy

We rented a terrific  8 bedroom house only 1 block from the beach.  We rented this same house for a complete family gathering 9 years ago. The house is huge with a kitchen that includes two Sub-Zero refrigerators, two dishwashers and a dining table that seats 22……There was a lot of eating (and drinking) and the kitchen was a favorite hangout spot every morning and evening.  Some typical scenes while cooking late afternoon and evening….




Below are Ronnie and I are with out 6 kids….

Ronnie Maren Kathy Brad Me Thea Kelly Kari

There were 4 birthdays in June…

The birthday gang….with Ronnie

One of the guys had to go back on Thursday (work gets in the way) and two of the family with the little kids all left this morning …..but we had a great family gathering last night (again)… last night we celebrate all the things we have to be grateful for…

and here we are at the table…

All except Kelly and Jack

We have two more days with the gang that’s left but the little kids  and their parents will be missed…..

………how can it be Friday already!



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