Glendo, Wyoming – Total Eclipse Day Monday, August 21, 2017

The day began with a nice sunrise at 6:30 Mountain Daylight Time. …

We were ready for partial to start well before it began…..most campers had their eclipse tee shirts on

We were fortunate to be right next to a man who had brought this high end telescope…..during partial many other campers came over for a look through it….I took several photos through it with my iPhone during the partial phase..


The path of the sun, as it rose toward mid day,  came from slightly below and left ….the moon seemed to continue to take a larger and larger bite out of the sun but the moon itself was never visible.

This photo I took at 10:53 AM local time about 10 or 11 minutes after the start of partial.The last one below was taken at 11:34, about 10 minutes before totality….. 



Some of the locals hanging around during the partial phase before the big 2 minutes and 36 seconds of darkness

About 2 minutes before the big moment we hurried down to the bottom of the park to better see the darkness racing toward us from the high hills off to the west….

Right before totality….the light was very pale…the temperature had dropped several degrees….the wind had completely stopped….our hearts were racing

Seconds before it happened,  the crowd a mile to the west did the wave and cheered……it send chills up my spine….it happened so fast you could not see the shadow coming….it was suddenly dark……what a moment !

…. but the horizon in all directions glowed orange like it was just after sunset…..

Now you could look without glasses…. a brilliant white ring surrounded the black orb of moon hiding the sun ….waves of pale light extending out … was the fastest 2 minutes ever….so amazing to see….but suddenly, the tiniest bit of sun on the other side of the moon and it was light again….

We ‘ll never forget this experience at Glendo, Wyoming


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