The Beartooth Highway

I came to Red Lodge to drive this highway….Charles Kuralt dubbed it  “the most beautiful roadway in  America” in his book On the Road. 

Our neighbors two nights ago said it was better than Glacier….well, here is my vote….

The drive into Denali National Park….this is the best I have ever seen….this is the best ever….

and if you’re lucky you see Mt. McKinley…..

Second, is the drive up to Logan Pass on Going to the Sun Highway in Glacier National Park….the glacier carved valleys are stunning

with  jagged mountain peaks…

Number 3 in my opinion is the  All-American Beartooth Road from Red Lodge to the northeast gate into Yellowstone…a drive of about 68 miles on a road completed in 1936….

Today we drove about 42 miles, over the top,  starting down then turned back up…we have had a lot of smoke but it cleared a little in the afternoon…its a great drive…the AMA declared it to be the #1 Motorcycling Route in America

much above tree line in the tundra…..and amazing switchbacks that go on and on

Ronnie hunkered down in the car…..her vertigo getting the best of her…

Here is a photo gallery of our drive today…click on the photos for full screen then you can arrow thru…….

Beartooth Highway
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This was our drive over the Beartooth Highway today….





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