Starting Home tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 5

Starting back tomorrow….wow, we must have had fun because it went fast….planning to get to the farm next Sunday afternoon….. click on this to see our planned trip home

….Planned Trip Home

Today was Labor Day and it was rather cool this morning …Red Lodge had their city park full of tents with vendors selling all sorts of stuff, an annual Labor Day thing here….we went out for breakfast then walked around the park and the town …..spend the rest of the day here ….Ronnie watched US Open Tennis and I read some after getting our trip home worked out

Yesterday we took a short drive to a little place on the map called Belfrey….on the way we passed the site of the worst mining disaster in Montana history…in 1943 an explosion in the coal mine here killed 74…the mine was shut down and never reopened

While we were pulled in there some bikers stopped….we’ve seen a lot of bikers here….these roads are a biker’s dream

Our campsite here on the Rock Creek is as good as it gets….and we have had great neighbors while here

This was the best campground of the trip mainly due to the site right on this “creek” which is more of a roaring river….its been a great trip west

Ronnie and Jim

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