Some Black and White Images – Fripp and Hunting Islands

My camera has a dial on the front with several mode settings; one is Monochrome. I have been experimenting with it and also doing  black and white post processing in Lightroom. A recent update to Lightroom added a bunch of optional profiles in color and monochrome. I’ve been having  fun playing with these. Here are two straight out of camera setting the dial to Monocrome. These were taken about 4 weeks ago on Hunting Island…..


The beach scenes are dramatic with so many trees down from erosion and two hurricanes…

This one below is looking south toward Fripp Island in the distance….notice the Osprey nest in the tree on the right

Here ….another shot of the Osprey nest…..

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend….it was hot and we had a lot of visitors here on Fripp Island for the long weekend….


Beach umbrellas and chairs for rent….


Enjoying the beach…..

This beautiful beach home once belonged to the Wardle family (owners of the Fipp Island Resort)…..and at one time the steps went right onto the beach but now due to massive sand accretion on this part of the island the beach is a few hundred yards away,,,,

I have also been taking photos of various houses on Fripp Island. The variety is amazing, I have an album which you can view on Flickr here……click or tap on the photo to go to Flickr, then click or tap on the diagonal two headed arrow on the lower right to make full screen…..

south end houses (2 of 2)

Hope you are enjoying Memorial Day weekend….we had a couple inches of rain yesterday (Sunday) and today is mostly cloudy with a good chance of more rain …..

Ronnie and Jim


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