Bar Harbor, Maine

We arrived here yesterday at what the locals call “Baa-Ha-Ba”. Some of the driving getting here from South Carolina is just plain awful, very heavy traffic sometimes stop and go, confusing signs, toll roads, etc.

However we stayed in some very nice campgrounds ⛺️ on the way. The KOA in New York was the best KOA we’ve been in. This one was huge and there were lots of kids, two pools etc

We had some rain too so cooked in some……Ronnie’s campground 🌶 is always great……

We got here early so headed for Acadia National Park……drove as Far East as we could go and found this treasure …the Bass Harbor Lighthouse….

Been going since 1849….this rocky coast was in heavy fog. Water 💧 temps are only in low 50’s and very warm moist air equals fog

Stopped at Southwest Harbor nearby….a huge harbor full of boats 🚣.

Classic old sailboat here….

Eventually drove into Acadia NP and took the loop road tour ending at the top of Cadillac Mountain which at 1270 feet above sea level is the highest point on the east coast of the USA…..what a view….the big cruise ship in the Harbor by the tiny town of Bar Harbor…….the little islands all shrouded in fog……

Right now at 8 AM Sunday morning the campground here is foggy but clearing….this morning we are going into the little town…..if I can get Ronnie moving, maybe for breakfast 🥞

More later with some photos of Bar Harbor I hope 🤞

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