My New Win/7 Computer

Got a new one a week ago and have been busy getting it going the way I want since. In one way I am totally amazed at the incredible power of these things. This computer, running Windows/7 Pro, allows the user to run a “virtual machine”. That virtual machine can emulate the Windows/ XP operating system so that you can bring some of those old programs that are not compatible with Windows/7 forward and still use them.  This takes a lot of computing cycles.

In another way, it seems like I now need even more skill than before to work through issues. When I first set the computer up I needed 79 Windows updates so I just downloaded all and set up to install them. Problem was they wouldn’t install. I spent several hours digging around in user forums to finally figure out  the problem. It was not one I created but one that Microsoft created. One particular download would not install with any other. It had to be done by itself. Geezz,  I shouldn’t have had  to figure that out. There were many other users having the same problem.

Nevertheless, I like my new computer (on the left) very much. It looks almost exactly like my old one here on the right. (How Boring!)

New ThinkPadOld ThinkPad

They are both Lenovo ThinkPads. My old one is 4 years old and runs great but Ronnie is using the computer more and more so we really needed another one. I have been very happy with my old ThinkPad and love the Lenovo keyboards. That’s why I decided to get another one. Am still running XP on the old one but I was running out of HardDrive capacity.. Around Thanksgiving I started looking at getting something new and went to the local Best Buy to see what the newly released Windows/8 was all about. It did not take long to see that I did not want Windows/8. Since I really did not want a touch screen it had no advantage that I could see and the new “tile startup screen” is totally confounding. I started shopping on line for a Win/7 Lenovo but couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger so I finally decided to upgrade the disk drive on my old one instead. That took a while to figure out then came Christmas. I gave a little thought to a tablet for a while but finally decide to get another laptop…too many restrictions on the tablet for me.

One day I started shopping again and there was a real good bargain on a nice ThinkPad from Newegg. So, I bought it. And today, I saw this program called Windows Live Writer  so opened it to see what  it does. I was pleased to see that it would post blogs to my WordPress blog so this is my trial run with it….we shall see.

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