Day 9 – To Fort Nelson the 300 Mile Mark

Last night after we got into our spot at the Sikanni River Campground we went up to pay and while waiting out another rain shower we talked to the owner. She and her husband decided to buy the place after raising their family. After 9 years they are retiring, have sold the property and are moving south to a place near Vancouver…she said the winters were just getting too long…

It was cold and raining again this morning and  the forecast is the same for the next few days in the area….it was a short drive to Fort Nelson but we decided to stop here for the day. On the way Ronnie took this shot….a very typical look….the highway is just a little slot in the vast wilderness of north western Canada.

Day-9-1_thumb.jpgWe pulled into the Triple G campground before noon. Because of the rain we decided to stay here and hope for better weather the next day.


After a fantastic brunch (Breakfast Burritos) we headed for the big attraction in town, The Fort Nelson Museum. 


We saw a great 35 minute film about the making of the Alaska Highway which obviously had been produced early in the war years of World War II. The military purpose of the great project was well done and the footage was great. We then walked around all the displays. It was fun. One of the items was a huge diesel engine used in Fort Nelson for years to produce some or all of the town’s electricity……it produced 4200 HP and ran continuously for over 12 years…..Here we are beside the engine sitting on   what?

Day 9 -5

The muffler for the engine!

Fort Nelson is at the 300 Mile Mark.

DAy 9 - 0

Since the next 300 miles have some of the best scenery, we are waiting out the rain.

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