Day 14–Alaska

We got to the border Friday about 2 PM Alaska time  (same as Pacific Daylight Time I think). Most of the drive from Whitehorse was in drizzle and the clouds and rain limited what we could see. Too bad but on the return we will hope for clear weather.

The highlights of the day yesterday were breakfast burritos from a little bakery in Haines Junction and seeing two grizzlies….this one was beating bushes along the roadside…


I think they might have been huckleberry bushes….when we were in Glacier last year a ranger said a grizzly could consume as many as 80 pounds of huckleberries in a day

The big thrill was arriving at the Alaska border…seeing the big “Welcome to Alaska” sign really got us excited…..


a tour bus was having a group photo done


This spot marks the border and behind Ronnie a swatch cut in the wilderness out to the horizon marks the border


Then this sign


What a great country!

I noticed the Alaska Highway miles marked on this sign marking the United States Border at mile 1221.8


Most of the great road is in Canada…..1221.8 miles back to Dawson Creek where it begins.

We found a great campground in Tok last night and finally got outside again. It was a beautiful evening here


We are heading on North today to the end of the Alaska Highway at Delta Junction and then toward Fairbanks.

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  1. Kelly Rabah says:

    How close we’re you to the grizzly bear? Is it maybe like the gators in fripp? they simply get used to humans being in their environment… Love k.

  2. Karen says:

    Going to anchorage today saw lots of whales. In gustavus It was wonderful

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  3. We just arrived at a campground in Cantwell…. got to Denali earlier and took their free shuttle up the park road 15 miles….going to take a bus tour farther in tomorrow ….weather today was very unsettled so we are hoping for a decent day

    Jim and Ronnie

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