We left Tok on a beautiful morning…said goodbye to our host …then filled up and took advantage of the free RV wash


The mud on the back seems to be permanent…but it’s cleaner than it was…some more great scenery as we go northwest toward Fairbanks….the big Wrangle-St. Elias NP is on the left going up..


The big thrill of the day for me was seeing the Alaska Pipeline here going across the Tanana River….this is the second largest bridge that had to be built for it….a 1200 foot suspension bridge….this is only one of about 34 major bridges ….but the big challenges were going across 3 mountain ranges


800 miles from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez…..the pipe is 4 feet in diameter..1/2 inch steel covered with 4 inches of foam then an outer shell….withstands pressure over 70,000 psi…where they had to bury it in areas of permafrost they refrigerate the ground around it otherwise the oil, at 140 to 170 degrees, would soon melt the permafrost and…..well that’s bad…..really bad!

Got into a campground along the Chena River here


There is also a resort here which has these cabins along the river


Today was kind of a “touristy” day….went to the U of Alaska- Fairbanks Museum of the North which was really excellent then walked along the Chena downtown and took a riverboat cruise on the Chena in the afternoon


Tonight we are going to dinner here at Chena’s Alaskan Grill right on the river …a short walk from our camper site on the river


Heading south toward Denali next.

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3 Responses

  1. Kelly Rabah says:

    Looks beautiful! Having fun following along… Love k.

  2. Brad says:

    Looks amazing. Have you had many wildlife sightings?

  3. Betta Owens says:

    Hi Ronnie,
    Lynn sent me your blog and what I’ve read is wonderful. I’ve made this trip, not as far north as Fairbanks but Denali. Patti lives near Palmer in the Susitna valley.
    I’m not sure of the date of your entry here, but do you seem to be heading toward Patti’s house. I hope you’ll give her a call. She would love to see you and I think you and Jim would be very fascinated with her house nearly off the grid house and property and how she lives. It’s beautiful situated on a lake between two mountain ranges. Her phone number is 907 745 7714 and I’m going to call her to give her a heads up right now! Continued safe and happy travels. Betta

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