We got to Denali yesterday afternoon and took the free shuttle to Savage River which is 15 miles into the park.. This is the farthest you are allowed into the park unless you have a special permit (i.e.. you are camping in one of the campgrounds or have some other permit for backcountry use) There is only one road into Denali National Park. It goes 96 miles west.  We bought tickets on the green bus for the 66 mile ride  to Eileson.

We could not get into any of the park campgrounds last night so we went south to an RV park in Cantwell. The days are really long even at the end of July…here is sunset at 10:40 PM

Denali (4)

This morning we thought we had no chance of seeing the views in Denali but we had the non-refundable tickets so we left at 7 AM to get on the 8:30 AM bus.

Denali (15)

Got on the bus and drove 50 yards and here is what we saw….

Denali (16)Denali (17)

A cow moose and her calf crossing the road…..then we got going to Eielson

Denali (33)

Every few miles Dinali came into view

Denali (42)

Denali (44)

We were thrilled…only a few who come to see the mountain get to see it…usually it is closed in with clouds…meantime the views as we went were amazing…

Denali (61)Denali (62)Denali (78)Denali (77)Denali (76)Denali (75)

Denali (72)

Denali (84)

We were thrilled that the great mountain stayed free of clouds…

Denali (90)

When we first saw it  we were about 60 miles from the peak…here….maybe 30 or 40 miles to the peak….our bus driver said this year about 1100 had applied for permits to make the climb and about 600 had made it so far….

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  1. Stephanie Buhrman says:


  2. Karen says:

    Wow we are in homer. It is on a bay and beautiful boys are halibut fishing girls are hanging out. Park pic were great. We will be there in a few more days. Saw our moose yesterday came up out of a gully beside the road hope we are lucky like you at the park Karen

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  3. We have been in Seward for two days….took a cruise yesterday….new posts on today…w are going to Homer tomorrow,

    Jim and Ronnie

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