Drone Flight at Caesar Creek Soaring

Finally got my drone fixed and flew it two nights ago. The resulting GoPro video showed the flight lasted almost 10 minutes. I edited most of it out to make this short video on YouTube. I was a bit apprehensive about the flight and  almost crashed again because I lost track of how long I had been flying and the battery ran down. Luckily this time it survived.

The video starts out looking east from the west end of the runway where I launched  from. Then, some scenes of our clubhouse and big veranda porch. Several people were still sitting on the porch enjoying the beautiful summer night. The buildings on the right of the clubhouse include several glider hangers. The old red barn is now a tow plane hanger.  Our club bought this property in the late 1960’s.It was a working farm and as you can see we kept the silo. It really comes in handy locating the field from the air when returning from a long soaring flight. The pond on the south side of the field is lovely. We keep a grass walk way around it. At the west end  there is a glider tie-down area and you can see several sailplanes there. A soaring contest consisting of only one class of vintage gliders is underway here. These gliders were all made in Elmira , NY and mostly date from about 1965. Music is from a 1938 concert. Here’s the video:


I took several photos of these old gliders during the day when they were on the west end of the runway waiting for the tow planes. You will see that the photos are all distorted. The GoPro camera has a lens with 170 degrees of view. The result is a fisheye look. Here are a few samples. They are very colorful:







One of the tow pilots owns this little gem, a 1950’s MGB


We have had a lot of rain but we’re hopeful about tomorrow for some decent soaring flights.

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