Salida to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We left Salida yesterday morning…the campground there is very pretty. Some scenes from the campground in Salida are here:




Leaving Salida continuing west on US 50 the highway continues to climb toward Monarch Pass….it was almost a relief when we ran into a slowdown going up….there was a really big wide load slowing things down. The gasoline engine really works going up long steep grades…

Drive to Monarch pass

At the top, over 11,000 feet, the wind was howling and it was chilly…


Going on west there is some great scenery around Blue Mesa lake…

West of Gunison

We had to drive up another steep grade for 7 or 8 miles to get to the Black Canyon. This is a National Park and has about 12 places where you can walk out to see a view of the canyon. Ronnie had had enough of looking over railings straight down hundreds of feet. Here the canyon cuts through over 2000 feet down…

Black Gorge 1

Black Gorge 2

We went on to Montrose, CO where we are now on Saturday at a very lovely campground watching Wimbledon tennis. We plan to head to Moab, Utah tomorrow.

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