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Today is July 4th. We were in Arches National Park two days ago and yesterday we drove a 4 X 4 following a guide on the Hell’s Revenge Trail. What a ride!

First, a tribute to Arches.I’ve been there 3 times, the last time was 4 years ago when we took the glider to Parowan, UT. When we were leaving the park two days ago Ronnie summed it up. You just  can’t remember how grand  the scenery is…. and how many different rock formations there are to see . The only way to believe it is to see it.The Windows arches may be the most photographed because they are very accessible:. Here are three photos of the North Window arch. The first walking up from the parking area:


The next two are of Ronnie sitting under the arch:



Yesterday we took the 4 X 4 ride on the Hell’s Revenge Trail. The trail is on a high mesa above Moab. These amazing machines are street legal in Utah so we followed the guide on the streets up to the trail which runs about 9 miles to the Colorado River overlook. The 4 X 4 trail is shared by a very famous bike trail called the Slickrock BikeTrail. According to our guide this trail is only for the most serious intrepid off road bicyclists. The trail is said to be the most famous trail in the world, ridden by over 100,000 cyclist from all over the world every year. While only 12 miles long it takes the toughest of riders as long as 4 hours to complete.

Here is the machine we drove and a couple photos in the parking lot before we got underway

P1030874 P1030848 P1030847

Right out of the blocks we had to climb up a narrow piece of the slick rock. It looked impossible. Our guide gave us a serious pep talk before we started up. You have to trust your 4 X 4. It will go up these slopes even thought you don’t think so. You have to follow the exact track I take. I wish I had a  photo of this climb. Ronnie and I were both hanging on tight with both hands, mine squeezing the steering wheel.

After a few minutes we stopped to see some dinosaur tracks:



The most interesting stop was at the Abyss overlook where some crazy 4 wheelers were having a blast:




Our three vehicles at the Colorado River overlook.



This one with Ronnie shows the Lasal Range in the background. These mountains top out over 13,000 feet. We are going there today.


Here are a couple scenes of the Colorado River below:




I had the GoPro to video a lot of it but can’t put anything together quickly so this will have to do for the Hell’s Revenge ride. Once we got over the fear, we were laughing constantly as we negotiated steep up and down sections. What these vehicles do is just amazing.

Coming back down to town near the rental place we passed Milt’s Diner. We were starved after 3 hours of 4 wheeling so we both had classic cheeseburgers and a basket of fries from the 1950’s….

P1030876 P1030875

Look who else was there. All the drivers and tour leaders who were out there at the same time as we were….



Roger Federer is playing now in the Men’s Semi’s. After that we are off to the Lasal mountains. Fireworks here tonight. Tomorrow we head north to Green River. We may stay at a state park there tomorrow night.


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  1. Kelly rabah says:

    I like the all-terrain vehicle IDea a lot better than biking it- and I just finished a long ride myself but not like that. And even driving it, Dad, if you were driving I would go. I would pass on control of the wheel myself. Beautiful- have fun and happy 4th!

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