We left Moab on Saturday and drove north to Vernal, Utah. Yesterday we drove from Vernal to Lander, Wyoming. The drive on US 191 out of Vernal goes north into the Uinta Mountain Range and is serious mountain driving with many 8 % grades. The old Allegro motor home really labors going up those very steep climbs. About 40 miles into the mountains you get to the beautiful Flaming Gorge…Here’s the Green River below the dam which was completed in the early 60’s…

Green River from Dam

And  a view of the dam……..

Flaming Gorge Dam

The resulting Flaming Gorge Reservoir is almost 90 miles long, extending north to Green River, Wyoming. John Wesley Powell named the gorge when he led a team on raft boats to explore the Green River and Colorado River right after the Civil War.

It is a beautiful place…

Flaming Gorge Resovoir 1


Since we are heading for the Big Horn area in northern Wyoming, the drive yesterday took us to Lander by way of the South Pass just south of the Wind River Range here….

Wind River Range

When refueling yesterday a man at the next pump told us about the South Pass. I had never heard of it. It was the only natural pass across the Rocky Mountains. The pass was first discovered by white men in 1812 and the first wagon train came over this pass to the west in 1832. Today it is a National Landmark. The sign here says that more than 500,000 people going west had to converge here….from here they took the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail and other trails to California….when Ronnie and I stood there, looking out at this vast wild area we couldn’t imagine the courage those pioneers had to have…

South Pass

The South Pass is up there on the horizon a few miles in the distance….

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