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On the way north we stopped for two days at the little western town of Lander, Wyoming. The Sleeping Bear RV park is on a hill overlooking the city of about 7000 people…


We were able to rent a small Jeep for one day and did a great loop ride up in the mountains. Near Lander the Popo Agie River flows down a gorge and actually goes underground for a short way before coming back up… is the cave where it disappearsIMG_3653

We took a hike up the gorge….





Later,   the drive took us past this spectacular Red Canyon ……..


We went into town for dinner and sat at picnic table outside with a local couple and their two kids. Hamburgers and salad.  Talking to this really nice couple gave us a great appreciation for the kind of people who live in this rugged place..

The wind finally allowed me to get the drone in the air yesterday morning but I was afraid to go too high, for fear it might get away….here are a couple of stills of the RV park…


RV Park

Leaving Lander we drove on north in central Wyoming through the Wind River Canyon to Worland, there turned east through Ten Sleep into the Big Horn Mountains. More beautiful Wyoming..…


The highway goes over the Powder River Pass at almost 9700 feet above sea level…..


Starting down toward Buffalo we had a view of the Big Horns….


Stayed at Deer Park RV park last night….heading for the Black Hills of South Dakota today…

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