Our Winter in Arcadia, Florida

It seems like years ago now but we left to come back home just a few weeks ago. The new world of living with the coronavirus has taken over our lives. Nevertheless I wanted to post some photos of our trip….we were encamped in our motor home in Arcadia for a little over two months.

Our Morning View

We arrived here at this RV park called The Ranch at Arcadia Palms on January 11th. We often had some morning fog which made for beautiful sunrises. This was the view from our site minutes before sunrise on January 19th about 8 AM. The view is toward the old ranch house which is being remodeled into a sort of clubhouse. The pool, pickleball courts and shuffleboard courts will all be over there. Unfortunately they were not ready for us this year….the owners did give all of us a nice discount this year and on next years price in compensation for lack of these amenities.

Weather was mostly warm and sunny but often very windy. Later in February and into March we had a bunch of really hot days …in the upper 80’s. However, always by late afternoon it cooled down making for lovely times at cocktail hour.

Cocktail Hour
Twilight on February 10

The city of Arcadia is a small town about 35 miles north of Punta Gorda on US 17. On up north about 15 miles is the little town of Zolfo Springs.

Before the railroads it was an important town on the Florida Cracker Trail, a cattle trail from Bradenton to Fort Pierce. Cattle herded from this area and the Florida Heartland were run to the coasts along this route as early as 1850. This part of Florida, away from the coast, is still cattle country.

The last weekend in February we went to Zolfo Springs to their annual flea market, a huge event with hundreds of vendors…..a lot of really odd stuff for sale. Others were there to exhibit things like old tractors and steam engines. It was a lot of fun.

Row after row of vendors
An old steam powered tractor still working
Signs of all descriptions
Carriage rides were available
A “stage coach”

We picked a local Mexican vendor for our lunch from at least 30 different food vendors ……

We each had this dish – two ground beef tostada’s and rice

I was stuffed but when we continued our tour of the grounds we found a vendor selling home made ice cream powered by this ancient steam engine dating from about 1904.

A working steam powered ice cream machine

One cup of butter pecan…it was fantastic!

This is cattle county and there has been a rodeo held in Arcadia for the last 90 years. We attended and it was great fun.

During the opening ceremony
Bucking broncos
Bucking broncos
One MEAN bull -the rider lasted about 2 seconds
TImed race around 3 barrels

Finally, a couple photos I took just before and during sunrise the day we left…

Arcadia FL March 22
Before sunrise March 22
Sunrise March 22 at 7:31 AM

We have reserved the same site for three months next winter beginning about New Year’s Day…..

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