More iPhone 6 + Photo Experiments

I’ve been reading about scaling down photos for blog postings….if you get it right you are not supposed to notice  a change in quality…. I found that my blog posting area is  exactly 651 pixels wide so I scaled all these to that width.  Notice they all fit exactly into the posting box,.

We were in Atlanta a few days ago and went to the Georgia Aquarium with some friends….it was really cold, somewhere in the upper 20’s

This was outside the aquarium entrance…


This next one was you can see the lighting was strange.

IMG_0466[1] (651 x 569)

We walked over to the Olympic Park just across the street after our visit to the aquarium…

IMG_0464[1] (651 x 488)

Here below are a few shots from the Cypress Wetlands trail from a week ago . This walk is right in back of the YMCA  in Port Royal.  We walk out the back of the Y parking lot onto the trail . One lap takes 15 minutes at most so I often do a couple before going into the Y. In the spring there is a huge colony of nesting egrets here….I don’t know where they’ve gone but now its mostly turtles and the occasional gator.


Behind the wetland


Here the trail passes behind the YMCA….

Behind the YMCA


The Cypress Wetlands Trail is here….



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