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Recently I decided we should have our own website. Spent the first two days researching web hosting companies. Finally, decide on In Motion Hosting . So far so good  on that choice. The next step was to choose a domain name. This one,, was  available so that’s our domain.

Next comes the part of creating the site and adding content. I have spent the past week playing around with a program called Kompozer which generates HTML codeIt’s one of those WYSIWYG programs and is kind of fun to use but after a few days I could see that I was over my head. I would never have a nice web site just using Kompozer. So the last few days I have been searching the web for free templates that I could modify in Kompozer. I tried working with a few but found the technical level still beyond my skill set.

Today, I found a nice theme which works with WordPress and that is what you see here. The advantage of WordPress is you can install custom themes from the internet and it’s also easy to use. I have had my blogs on WordPress for the last few years so I know a lot about creating and editing WordPress blogs

Next, I hope to get this theme modified to have the features I want and then start adding content.



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