Day 8–Dawson Creek and The Alaska Highway

Saturday the 20th of July…this is our 8th day on the road. Woke up before daylight listening to the rain on the roof. After our morning routine, filled up with gas and drove the short 85 miles  from Grande Prairie to Dawson Creek, British Columbia.We stopped at the visitor center located by the famous sign. When we walked over to take pictures a neat local guy struck up a conversation….he took our photo below and we talked for 10 minutes….we soon got into politics and he said “If I was an American I would be a Republican”….We liked that guy. I love this sign….and please note our motorhome centered in the background….completely accidental…

Day 8 Dawson Creek 1

I get emotional about things like the plaque mounted on the stone pyramid next to Ronnie. The construction of this road was amazing

Day 8 Dawson Creek 2

We decided we had to get started rather than staying in Dawson Creek so we headed on. When I first started reading about driving the famous highway it was clear that The Milepost was a “must have”.

Day 8 Dawson Creek 6

It has a detailed log of the Alaska Highway and we saw that at Mile Marker  17.3   a turn off would take us over a section of the old route where we could drive the only original timber  structure bridge still in use today

Day 8 Dawson Creek 4

a curved bridge 531 feet long over  a deep gorge

Day 8 Dawson Creek 5  After this we had rain off and on for several hours…..once again The Milepost log listed a nice RV place at the Historical 162 Milepost called the Sikannii River Campground. We turned in here mid afternoon because of the rain and because it was a long way to the next campground. Here are some shots of the Sikanni River campground

Day 8 - 1  DAy 8 -2Dawson Creek 4Dawson Creek 3

At this Historic site a group of African-American engineers built the first bridge across the Sikanni River…a 300 foot wide torrent of water…in 84 hours….one of many amazing stories about the building of the highway. We are just getting started!

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