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Our Alaska Trip Begins 0

Our Alaska Trip Begins

We finally got the motorhome onto the island and into our driveway on Thursday…..after some backing and forwarding we got it actually into the driveway. In the driveway this thing looks pretty big….So we then spent Friday getting it filled up with all our junk for a two month...

Our “New” Motor Home 0

Our “New” Motor Home

We took the plunge yesterday! We purchased a 2003 Allegro 31 foot  motor home. Just a few weeks ago we were again.talking about going to Alaska. Neither of us have seen this vast wilderness and have talked about going for years. I hate the idea of flying commercial and...

My New Win/7 Computer 0

My New Win/7 Computer

Got a new one a week ago and have been busy getting it going the way I want since. In one way I am totally amazed at the incredible power of these things. This computer, running Windows/7 Pro, allows the user to run a “virtual machine”. That virtual...