We really enjoyed Astoria but have not been able to post anything because no wi-fi at Ft. Stevens State Park Campground. The first day in the area we started by driving to the Astoria Column. I climbed the 164 steps to the top and took some photos…..

The bridge across the Columbia River connecting Washington and Oregon is 4.2 miles long….views in all directions were spectacular..


….the structure of the bridge on the Astoria side is enormous…350 feet to the top….driving over it in the motor home was surreal….you are 250 feet up….


One of the really fun things to do in Astoria is ride the trolley along the waterfront….it only costs $1 and you can get on and off all day for $2….there are a lot of fun restaurants on the waterfront …..


and the best of all…. the Columbia River Maritime Museum ….


We saved the museum tour for the second day….the guidebook we have says it’s the best museum in the state of Oregon…I believe it. ….So many exhibits and they have put it together so well…..the part that we both were so impressed with were the movies and exhibits which helped us understand how dangerous the river is and what it is like to have to navigate “the bar” , that treacherous region where the mighty Pacific is pounding inland and the Columbia is pouring  out something like 150 millions gallons a minute…especially after a front goes through. Winds are often 60 knots with swells of 40 feet.

All ocean going ships that come into the Columbia River are boarded at sea and brought into the mouth of the Columbia by one of a handful of elite highly skilled “Bar Captains”.Once safely past the bar another River Captain takes the ship on in to its destination. The bar is considered one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world. Several hundred ships have been lost here and over 700 lives. The Coast Guard has played a huge role in saving people in distress for decades and their boats are legendary designs to cope with these awesome seas…this one is in the museum…now retired..


We had a late lunch right on the water at the Buoy Brewing Company….


The view of the Columbia was great….


There are four large panels of plexiglass in the floor to watch the sea lions laying around under the restaurant……the honking was loud and continuos..

Yesterday, our third day, we hung around Ft. Stevens which is huge and has wonderful stretches of beach on both the Pacific and Columbia River…the day was cool and overcast..


There were a bunch of people surf fishing at the mouth of the Columbia…..


Rain started so we went to Costco then hunkered down in the motor home…rain continued all night and into this morning….

We drove to a campground near Tillamook this morning and will be here for 4 days…



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