2011 Christmas Slideshow

It was the Tuesday before Christmas. Ronnie and I picked up Thea and Livy (her dog) at Thea’s cute house in North Charleston. We drove to Lebanon, Ohio then Kari picked up Thea at Kathy’s. Ronnie and I stayed  with Kathy, Ken and family for Christmas. A typical Christmas where our family  went in multiple directions: Kari and Thea to Tennessee to be with Maren, Michael and his family. Us with Kathy for Christmas Eve then Brads for Christmas Day.[slideshow]

Hannah and Kayla were non-stop entertainment at Kathy’s. Hannie  downloaded a special Elf Salad recipe to start dinner one night. Kayla did Ronnie’s nails up special with snowflakes and holly for the Holidays. Then there are the  three dogs, three cats and miscellaneous other critters always present to keep us amused.  Ripping through the presents Chirstmas morning!  Ronnie got a special “Number 1 Grandma” shirt from Kayla and Hannah. Christmas Eve at Kathy’s was great fun. The same for Christmas Day at Brad’s. His house was spectacular. There were more decorated  trees than I could count. He seems to find space for more each year…this year he had two live trees in the dining room.

On Monday, the 26th,  I took Ronnie, Kathy and Ken to the Montgomery Inn to celebrate Ronnie’s birthday. It was a packed house which made it all the more fun talking and feasting on the famous Ribs King creation.

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