Going to Montana

We’re leaving the end of July for Caesar Creek Soaring Club, our first stop for a couple weeks, to see some glider pals and family in the Cincinnati area…..

Our soaring club has a nice campground  so we get set up there….here we were last year…


We usually get some of the kids and grandkids to come for a cookout on the veranda

And there is the soaring….here is one of my buddies landing his beautiful glider

Our club is on a beautiful 140 acre site  that we the members own and during the week we have it all to ourselves

and sunsets are often spectacular…..looking west down the runway just after sunset last year

Then, we are heading for Montana mid August….I found a great RV trip planning tool a few weeks ago and it was very useful when putting this trip together….

Our first stop of any real interest will be at an RV campground near Glendo, Wyoming….we’re planning to get there on Friday August 18 and stay through the total eclipse of the sun on Monday August 21. There in Glendo we will be very near the center-line of the eclipse…..you can see the path of the eclipse here using this great interactive map…..


Type in the name of the location you are curious about in the small rectangle in the upper left part of the screen.

I understand the width of the shadow is approximately 70 miles and if you are within the area of totality you may be able to see the shadow racing toward you at nearly 1000 MPH just before it reaches you….

Totality will last two minutes and 30 seconds …starting at 11:45 AM MDT in Glendo, Wyoming.



We are excited!

We are ready…got the “Total Eclipse Glasses” and ready for viewing!



Then on to Sheridan, Wyoming for a couple days…

….and finally, one of our primary destinations south of Livingston, Montana for 4 days…one of our daughter’s good friends is getting married here at Luccock Park in an outdoor ceremony….we are camping at Pine Creek Campground just a short walk away



After the wedding we go to Livingston for 3 days, time to explore the Bozeman and Livingston areas some in the Mini and then to Red Lodge where we have a spot right on the river reserved for 5 days here

Red Lodge is a small sky resort town and also the gateway to the scenic Beartooth All American drive…we will be driving into the mountains in the Mini and hope to do a little hiking….scenery along the highway courtesy bigskyfishing.com


View of the Beartooth Mountains Near Red Lodge, Photo #1


We’ll be heading back toward Josh and Maren’s the day after Labor Day….



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