Catching up at Caesar Creek Soaring Club

We’ve been here almost 2 weeks; we were able to get the family together for a cook out here on the veranda last Sunday, went to see Brad’s store, spent time on the veranda hanging out with old glider buddies, etc. Ronnie went to see the “Lange Gang” yesterday and spent the night with them at Cindy’s….

The club is very beautiful right now,  lush green (from a lot of rain)…..below, the driveway back to the club…..

Above, the campground looking toward the the runway




………..our motorhome in the background





Family and friends gather for a cook out

Two of my three beautiful grand daughters…..Hannah and Kayla….

The whole gang that could make it….

Watching gliders take off and land…..


I co-own this glider with a  good friend………Jim, in the red shirt

Here is Jim on tow ……these machines are so elegant when they are flying  ….

Tomorrow we are starting west but only going a short way to a little campground near Connersville, Indiana

Robinson’s Whitewater River Campground

On Monday we head west seriously……you can click on this link below and see our trip itinerary…

We are mainly just making our way west until we get to Wyoming where we have 4 nights reserved here …….so we can see the Total Eclipse of the Sun on Monday August 21st.

Stay tuned for more photos as we go…..

Ronnie and Jim























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