Glendo, Wyoming – Before Eclipse Day

On Friday before the eclipse we drove from North Platte, Nebraska to Ogalala then cut off I-80 northwest using US 26 to I-35 and our destination, Glendo, Wyoming. …….this is Glendo….

On the main street a building had been painted with this mural….pretty well done I thought

A couple of saloons, post office and a few delapidated other buildings but it did have a few cute spots like here at Micke’s where we had breakfast the next morning….

After breakfast we got our tee shirts for the eclipse …..

Vendors were expecting a big crowd for the weekend and eclipse on Monday……( and it did happen !)

The campground was really nice but the deal seemed pretty crazy at the time I committed to it back in June.  It was a 3 night minimum for $200 per night plus tax. I opted for a 4th night at the regular $35/nightly rate and the total with Wyoming sales tax and lodging tax was $688.33.  Some of the other RV’ers we met there had spent several  months trying find a place along the path of totality…..the deal  seemed crazy back in June but  there was no place else to go. All the RV Parks were full.  On Monday of the eclipse when we  saw the thousands that filled up the fields in the valley below us we considered ourselves quite fortunate……

This one huge field directly below our RV park on Monday morning was full of campers, tents, cars and people…..hundreds of people. All up and down the highway paralleling I-35 were other fields like this ….after the eclipse on Monday afternoon all the highways were totally jammed for hours….we were really happy to be up on the hill watching and not trying to get some place….

The campground was really nice…the spaces are huge….this guy at at the end with big truck towing a serious boat, tag axle motorhome, 4 wheel off road vehicle, etc…..we are the one past the flag on the right

Sunsets were gorgeous…..

On Saturday we drove around the Glendo Lake Reservoir….created by damming the North Platte River in the mid 1950’s…..

Here below the river below the dam…..

Hung around most of the day Sunday eagerly awaiting the big event on Monday…..Eclipse Day, Monday August 21 in the next blog to follow….

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