Pine Creek Campground – Gallatin National Forest

We drove from Sheridan here on Thursday. The drive up to the park is about 3 miles off the highway and is a white knuckler…..road very narrow with one major switchback but we made it……Ronnie was in terror……(me too !)

Wow, this is camping…..the scenery doesn’t get any better…

We are bookdocking for the first time (no hookups) and it has been fun….the generator is programmable to stay off in the night time hours, we have plenty of water for showers in the tank, etc…mountain backdrop is stunning…

Yesterday we took a 2 hour hike up the trail along the Pine Creek….beautiful hike….

We are here for a wedding this afternoon……here is the couple ….Trisha and Scott next to Ronnie, along with some of their friends and family….

They came to Maren and Josh’s wedding from Bozeman in May….they were so much fun that we nvited ourselves to their wedding today…

The setting for the outdoor wedding is a Methodist Church Camp called Luccock Park Camp… is a huge open grassy area with 3 mountains for the backdrop…..the founders of the camp named the mountains Faith, Hope and Charity. 

We can walk down to the wedding site from our campground in 8 or 10 minutes. The church camp has about 18 rustic cabins, several other large buildings, a camping area etc. Scott and Trisha’s friends and family are filling it up…..the weather is perfect with sunny skies and temperature of 75 degrees. The altitude here is almost 6500 feet so both nights here it cooled off to high 40’s/low 50’s……here is the setting…..Faith and Hope are visible but Charity is too far to the right to fit into my wide angle lens

Friends and family have been busy setting up the wedding arch, tables and chairs for dinner, making flower arrangements etc…..

We’ll be walking down there in about 2 hours….the wedding starts at 4 PM…they are expecting at least 150 people

I hope to have some great photos in a blog tomorrow……I just signed up for unlimited data with Verizon and it included free H-Fi Hotspot. I am using it right now out here miles from nowhere and it works great.

More photos tomorrow I hope….stay tuned

Ronnie and Jim




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