The storm has reached eastern Tennessee

It  started to rain here in Knoxville about 2 PM. Later some high winds are expected.

Today is Monday and Irma has become a tropical storm but the photos of the wind and rain where we live look pretty serious….the revetment wall on the north end of Fripp Island ┬ásustained major damage from Hurricane Matthew last October… below is a photo from then….


I just saw a movie taken near this point about noon today showing major waves and water coming over the wall ……it is rather blurry but you can see the water is at least 2 feet deep by looking at the stop sign on the right….we live about 600 yards from here… on the link below to watch…..

Breach in Fripp Island Revetment Wall

We’re pretty optimistic that we won’t have water in our garage because we didn’t last October but ???

Meanwhile we are going to sit here in ┬áthe rain for a couple of days awaiting the start of the Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival…..we arrived here Saturday afternoon. We were lucky to get an RV space because they fill the place every year but called right after someone with a similar sized motor home had just canceled….here is the place on Google Maps….

Here’s a photo from Saturday evening however, since then the place has been filling up…….I’ll take some more photos when the rain stops in a day or two…

This bluegrass festival is a pretty big deal for serious bluegrass fans…….the man right next to us follows these festivals around the country and writes blogs about them…he and his wife spend 200 days a year following the music… below is the web site for the big event here

Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival

…..more later when it stops raining

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