Thea and Jack Get Married

Thea and Jack.  She’s now Mrs. Jack Manchester….by the way that’s pronounced Manchestuh…..he’s from Boston.   What a beautiful weekend it was.  A strong cold front went through Friday evening. Saturday was cool, breezy and sunny.

beach church copy

Ronnie and I stayed on the grounds where everything happened.  We rented a small condo directly across from the pool, the site of the reception and dinner. Here are some shots of the condo and courtyard and condo….


Our condo turned out to be the daily gathering place, beauty parlor and staging area for the rehearsal and wedding….

Another shot of the area and the beautiful pool from our window in the living area….

IMG_3917 IMG_3914

We met Jack’s family and some of his childhood pals from Boston.  Of course Kari, Maren and Tristan were there and many of Thea and Jack’s friends from the Park Circle area, where they now live, in North Charleston.  Son Brad and wife Barbie came from Cincinnati for the event.

IMG_3790 IMG_3822 IMG_3836 IMG_3835

The entire weekend was terrific fun and the wedding couldn’t have been prettier….I made a short 5 minute video of some stills and GoPro movie clips ….you can see it here on YouTube


I also have posted two photo galleries on the “Family Gallery” page….one from rehearsal day and the other on wedding day….

It was a great weekend.

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