More Hopewell Rocks-walking on the ocean floor

Yesterday morning we went back to view the rocks at high tide. Where people were walking out of a tunnel the day before,  yesterday morning they were rowing kayaks through.

Then at 2 PM yesterday we went back for the walk on the floor…..I have some good photos but for 2 days we have had very poor internet service and they won’t upload😩😩😩. I am bummed out about it

The highest tide at this place was 46 feet……yesterday it was 39 feet…at a point farther east in Nova Scotia is the worlds highest…..52 feet.

Amazing to see. A park ranger gave us a tour.I learned more about tides than I wanted to know but it was interesting.

We drove into Nova Scotia today. We are at a campground ⛺️ at Glencolme. We’re only here one night. Tomorrow will be the longest drive of the tour so far, 167  miles to Parker’s Cove for 4 days of ocean front camping. Looking at the map I see we will be directly across the bay (45 miles) from Saint John where we were on our 2nd stop…..

Sadly, no photos…..😩😩😩

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