Halifax….cemetery and harbor cruise

I didn’t know just HOW BIG Halifax is….half the population of Nova Scotia live here…about 425,000 out of 975,000. Real estate is very expensive…no room…tall buildings with condos going up..2 Bed/2 Bath condos downtown almost $ 1 million.

Our first stop a famous cemetery. This cemetery has 140 victims of the Titanic….and this native Haligonian who was our tour guide told the story……

The Titanic sank about 700 miles out in the Atlantic from Halifax. This city was the closest with railroad access to New York where the doomed ship was heading. Therefore, as bodies were recovered they were brought here. Many were identified and were taken by their families….others were not identified initially or had no family. Those were buried here.

If they could not be identified they were given the number in which they were found…then clothing and things like jewelry on the body were kept associated with that number. Many were later identified from those artifacts ……

The three rows of stone markers go up the little hill to a point as the bow of a ship

You can see the numbers at the bottom of the markers in lower right……our guide told stories about several of those buried here…..he frequently referenced the film, some of which was shot in Halifax (but not in the cemetery).

One of the stories was about the chief violinist in the orchestra….he is here. A few years ago there was a memorial here which our guide attended…..a young woman in attendance took out a violin 🎻 in front of this marker and began playing…..she was the great granddaughter of the chief violinist on the Titanic…..

In the afternoon we all boarded this beautiful 3 masted schooner for a cruise 🚢 around the harbor….built in 1939, originally hauled coal and other freight….restored a few years ago now a tourist attraction..

Weather was much nicer the day before…..very cloudy for our cruise..

These huge cranes at one of two shipping container docks….

Halifax is the second largest Harbor in the 🌎 world….after Sydney, Australia….deep water and 6 foot tides make it ice free year round….

About an hour into the cruise it began to rain…..we went below to keep dry but got soaked getting from ship to 🚌 bus……another tour and lunch today…….

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