The Isles of Punta Gorda

Yesterday Steph invited us to go for a ride in their Sea Ray.

Their condo is near the very back of the isles so it takes nearly 50 minutes to get out to Charlotte Harbor. For us this was quite enjoyable, motoring along at “no wake” speed, looking at all the houses and boats along the way,,,,

Some of these houses and boats are amazing…

This one with his own personal observatory…….

Wonder what that cost?

Passing by Ponce De Leon Park entering Charlotte Harbor……

On the way back Steph went by our buddy Bill’s house with his sailboat MARINER on the lift…..

The view out to the harbor from Bill’s location…..

Going back, this house at the junction of two canals goes back about half a block!

Where does all this money come from?

What a nice day…..oh, the temperature going back to our new location at Creekside was 86 degrees…..had to relocate on Feb 1 to this nice spot by an Oak tree….

We’re adjusting nicely…..

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