A Cold Day on Fripp Island

Last Sunday, February 12th,  was the coldest day of the  winter. I went out before 8 AM to get a newspaper and when I got to the Fripp Island Marina the temperature had bottomed out at 28 degrees. Some water in the parking lot there had turned crunchy. The wind was howling off the marsh.

I love to watch the weather and have a favorite internet site that overlays all the Weather Underground stations on a Google Map. It happens that there is a station on Tarpon Blvd.  When I get up in the morning I can check outside temperature here on Fripp. Handy for figuring out how many layers you need if playing golf or tennis. Various local records are kept there too. I saw that the previous coldest day on Fripp Island this year was about 30 degrees on the morning of  January 3.

Ronnie and I decided we should brave it and go for a walk on the beach. I took my little pocket camera to record the event

My Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 pocket camera

I got this little camera about 3 years ago so I could have a small digital camera to take with me in the glider. At the time I was thinking mostly about still photos but it does a really good job with HD video too. So, I have taken a lot of video with it including the video in the YouTube video here:

If you watched the video you will see that the camera has good optical zoom ability (12X), another feature that I liked about the camera. The quality on YouTube is only 360p. I could have created the clip at a much higher quality but it increases the upload time dramatically. I save that for better videos.

Just checked the station on Tarpon Blvd and I see that the current temperature is 62 degrees. It’s now 11 AM, Friday, February 17th. A nice sunny day here on Fripp Island.

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