Fjordland cruise to Juneau

Today is Wednesday the 14th and we have pulled in to the campground by the Sikanni River where we stayed on the way up….we left Scagway yesterday heading back out of Alaska. Our trip to Juneau on the Alaska Fjordland was one of the best days we had on the trip so I hope to be able to put in a lot of pictures….no individual captions….not enough time but a little bit about the trip….

The boat is a 65 foot hull, special design for use in the choppy waters of this fjord….the longest and deepest in North America….the owners operated a water taxi service between Scagway and Haines for 12 years and wanted a faster bigger design so it could make the round trip to Juneau in a day. What a wonderful boat…It seats 48 passengers, cruises at 28 knots easily and the slim twin hulls just slice through the water…right out of  Scagway we saw a mother and calf humpback whale and watched them feed for at least half an hour….captain said the calves gain 8 pounds an hour…later on the return we saw a really big hunpback that he estimated to be 40,000 pounds

No way to describe the scenery on the way down and photos don’t do it…the ship stops at Haines for passengers then on about 50 miles or so I guess to a point where we got off north of Junear and got on a bus for the final leg….can’t go directly there from the north ….

Juneau had 5 cruise ships in and the narrator on the bus said that adds about 15,000 people to the small city of about 32,000. …Ronnie and I watched the liner from Holland America dock and our jaws dropped….must be over a 1000 feet long and is way higher than the tallest building in Juneau…..the place was a zoo of people but what fun.

We walked uptown to a really neat bagel and sandwich place then past the Governor’s Mansion and back down to the heart of town…the bus stopped at the Mendenhall Glacier on the way back to our boat

More wildlife on the return….Harbor Seals on rocks and Sea Lions on the buoy…

It got to be very late and the colors turned very soft in the evening….coming into the fishing village of Haines it was just twilight and so beautiful….then on to Scagway….where a cruise ship was making a slow journey south to Juneau …almost dark when we docked about 9PM…..13 hours since we left ….it was a magnificent dayAlaskaFjordlandFjordlandWouldbe captain

Going outScagway out

Haines 2JUnear us

JUnear downtownJunear lunch

Junear gov houseJunear floatplane

Junear allJunear cruise

Lighthouse 2Seals

SeaLions 5Haines

Haines duskTo Juneau


Tomorrow we head farther south and will probably be in Jasper in a couple days

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