A Morning in Milford, Ohio

May 16th…..

A beautiful spring morning in Ohio. We’re here at Brad and Barbie’s beautiful home in Milford. The big event is Kayla’s graduation from Lebanon High School but that’s on Saturday.

We walked down to Brad’s store and on the way took some photos….Brad and Barbie’s house ….

Front Garden
Back yard patio
Gardens are everywhere

They live next to the Mayor of Milford.

The Mayor’s house

A few others on the way down to the shopping district……

Down the hill, around the corner and we arrive at Villa Sanctuary…..

Villa Sanctuary

The store is so different from the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday time…..

Personalized tote bags
Back room has bar ware, picture frames , etc
The main counter

Brad has changed the other front room, featuring two jewelry cases, and a wonderful old desk…..

The TV scrolls through photos of the store and his collections…..

A room designed to sell jewelry

Out the back door is a small private patio

The smooth finish on this sapphire ring reflects the front windows in one of the settings….

7 Sapphires – 34 carats

It was a great Spring day……

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