Christmas in Milford and the Biltmore House and Downton Abbey Exhibit in Asheville

We were in the village of Milford, Ohio for Christmas with my family. Kelly had us for dinner the day we arrived, Kathy on Christmas Eve and Brad had us all at his house in the old section of Milford on Christmas Day.

Brad’s House in Milford
Missing two granddaughters but here’s the rest of the gang.

Brad has a new plaything……………a 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

We took it for a little spin around Milford……

Old MIlford from the Silver Cloud…..the hood is really long

Its not just a toy. He has it licensed as a livery vehicle for weddings and other special events. It is a thing of beauty and the ride is smooth and quiet.

Stopping for some ice at a local store

We drove to Asheville on Ronnie’s birthday, Thursday the 26th, with tickets for the Biltmore House the next day. Brad and Barbie had told us that there was also an exhibit at the Biltmore Estate from the long running PBS television program Downton Abbey. 

We decided to see the exhibit early since our tickets to see the house were for 2:15 PM. We got into the exhibit about 10 AM and it was already moderately crowded. We were completely taken with it. It was just outstanding. We had seen several of the shows but hadn’t really followed the program religiously. We left wishing we could go back and see more of the series which ran for six years

The exhibit was much more than we expected; full size portraits, movies, costumes and wonderful room exhibits. You felt like you were there with them, felt like they were real people, people from an age long past, now more than 100 years ago.

When we walked in we were greeted by life sized photos

Here below is a gallery of images from the exhibit… on any one to enlarge…..

When we left the exhibit it was getting packed. We were glad we had gone early. We got on the shuttle and made a quick stop at the winery, then on to the great house.

The Biltmore House. 255 rooms with 43 bathrooms

A lovely warm day to be outside and walk in the gardens

Walkway from house to gardens
View of Blueridge Mountains
From the terrace
From the gardens

I sat on a bench here while Ronnie went for some hot dogs before we went into the house

On the shuttle I asked the driver about house attendance. She said the forecast for the previous day was 8,700 but she thought it was likely closer to 10,000….something like 200 people every 15 minutes go in the front door to the Entrance Hall. A few comments about the house.

The Banquet Hall has a seven story ceiling and the Christmas tree might have been 40 feet tall with ornaments sized to scale. Unfortunately, I needed an ultra wide angle lens on my camera for most of the rooms. The library has about 10,000 volumes.

The Tapestry Gallery is a 90 foot long room with three priceless tapestries from a 1530’s set which are hung on the inside wall. The outside wall is a series of doors opening onto the Loggia a covered porch looking out to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mrs Edith Vanderbilt and husband George had one child, daughter Cornelia. She was born in 1900 in the Louis XV Room, thus the cradle on display.

Up to 30 servants worked in Biltmore House.

Here below a small gallery from the inside …..

We had a great Christmas Holiday with family in Cincinnati and the two days in Asheville were great fun. We stayed in a downtown hotel and walked to dinner both nights. The days were warm and sunny.

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