The Second Winter at The Ranch in Arcadia

I can hardly believe we are leaving in 3 days. We’ve been here 3 months. Looking at some of my photos it would seem that we had a lot of fun. We arrived on January 6th when the days were still very short. Here, just after sunset on the day we got here ……..,.

It was getting dark by 6:30 but even in January we often sat out and watched the Orion constellation move across the sky almost straight above us from East to West. The sunsets were often glorious as was the one above..


Often the mornings came with heavy fog. All the better for these brilliant oranges…

The owners hosted several social events including a welcome and good bye blueberry pancake breakfast. On a beautiful day in late February they had the Band and BBQ. The food was great and the music got us dancing…two short video clips are below…. 

Band and BBQ


This was the weekly routine…..Ronnie played pickle ball almost every day but Sunday. She led water aerobics 3 days a week when it was warm enough,  and it usually was at least from mid February on. She played Mahjong or Mexican Trains on Tuesday and Thursday. ……..I did all the fun stuff, like taxes.  

The days got longer and by March we were having many 90 degree days… the wind seems to never stop blowing here in Arcadia. Some days 12 to 15 mph and gusting higher. By late February we often saw blue skies filled with huge cumulus clouds.

At some point around the first of February we started thinking about getting a more spacious motor home. A king sized bed and 4 slides would really be nice. Florida is the place to look so we shopped the RV sites on line. Went to see one but it was a little bit over the top for us. Could not find anything else nearby that was just what we were looking for so after a few days decided our Fleetwood with 2 slides and queen bed was just fine.

That lasted 3 or 4 weeks until one night our neighbor right behind us invited us in to see his Allegro Bus…..OK, let’s look some more. Went to see one we didn’t like. However there was one at the Sarasota / Bradenton airport which looked interesting.

We loved it. Got the owner to agree to deliver it to the open site right next ours a few days later…..and that night we had a party…

A few days later the company that bought the Fleetwood came and drove it away…It was the first time I saw it being driven. No Regrets!

Before you know it  it’s March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, and management throws a karaoke party…..

Click or tap on the song below to hear the Arcadia Ranch Ronettes perform..

Stop in the Name of ❤️

We had another karaoke night on March 30 as many were planning to depart in the following couple of days….Joe and The Arcadia Ranch Ronettes did a great job on this favorite


Sweet  Caroline


The weather was great, we met a lot of fun people and we had a great winter. Looking out on both sides of our site this afternoon our neighbors have gone back North. The three months just sailed by.

Meeting an old glider buddy and his wife for lunch tomorrow …getting all ready Saturday, leaving Sunday (Easter).

This was sunset March 30…..

Ronnie and Jim



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