What Did the Old People Drive?

Last night I woke up during the night and decided that I should have a weblog. So this is my first post. Don’t know exactly how I came up with this topic for my first post except that I happen to have some pictures of the cars that my buddies and I were driving when I was about 20.

I also thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch with all of the family. Let me know what you think of my first post and what other things we (Ronnie and me) might blog about.

First is Jim Roll in his 1957 Plymouth. Cars were real cars in those days. This one had 300 HP and great big fins.

This next one was my first car, a 1951 Olds 88 couple.

Here is a good buddy, Jerry, stylin by his 1954 Buick Special. Five of us went to New York City for a weekend in this one.

Here is an old girl friend, Wynema Post, driving her classic 1956 Mercury. It was a beauty. She was cute too.

Last is my best boyhood pal’s 1953 Oldsmobile.

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