iPhone 6 Plus – testing the camera around Fripp Island

I picked up my new iPhone 6 Plus last Friday.  I knew when I saw it that the larger “Plus” was the right size for me.  Ronnie has had her Galaxy Note 3 for a while now. I was impressed with how much more functional her phone seems with the large display.  Since getting her “phablet” she has almost stopped using our laptop computer, doing all her emails, shopping, searching new recipes and more on her phone….she even uses it to make phone calls. The iPhone 6 + and Galaxy Note 3 are very close to the same size.

My old iPhone 4 next to the new one looks so tiny…the sales rep at Verizon remarked   “now you will actually be able to see something on the screen” . It still fits in the front pocket of my jeans.



Friday evening the first strong cold front of the season arrived. I was up early Saturday morning. The wind was howling and great dark clouds were racing across the sky so I went out to try  the camera on the new phone.

Here is a gallery of some of the best shots……just click on any photo to enlarge, then you can further enlarge to nearly full screen and use the arrow on the right side to advance through the gallery

The camera app that I used for these photos is Camera +.  One of its best features is the ability to adjust the White Balance for lighting conditions. It seems to me that the colors are very vibrant in these shots.

The iPhone 6 comes preloaded with a different camera app which has some additional whizzbang features.  This app can take super slow motion video at 240 frames per second using image stabilization. I tried it and the results look great. Another feature is time lapse video. Ronnie and I did a couple of these driving around Fripp Island with her holding the camera. I will try to do some samples of these features in a later post.






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