More Fripp Island Photography

Went to get a paper at the Marina on Monday and took my new iPhone 6 Plus …Still curious about how good the camera is.  The morning was overcast……. don’t know why these images are all slightly out of focus in the post,  but to get high resolution just click on the photo….

Rainy day at Fripp Island Marina

Mini in front of Peg Legs


Close to sunset on Monday I saw the sun come out and raced off with my iPhone for some photos…this first shot was from the drive  over to Sawgrass….


I then raced off to the marina because the sun was going down fast… got this shot of the swing  going up Bonita…


the best shots were looking south west at the sunset from the marina


I love the colors …here, for example, of the Boathouse with the sun almost down…


My favorite photo of the evening is this one…taken at 5:24 PM


The camera in the new iPhone 6 is much better  than the one in my old  iPhone 4….and the camera apps are really improved. I took all of these using Camera + which has some nice features to get the focus and light just right. The camera app that comes with the phone is good too but I prefer Camera + .

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