Videos from Some Recent Drone Flights

Speaking of drones, the Wall Street Journal has a piece on the front page today. The FAA is proposing a new regulation for the commercial use of drones.  The use of drones by hobbyists is currently permitted under an FAA Advisory Circular originally written to give guidance to model airplane hobbyists. Those guidelines ask hobbyists to avoid flying above 400 feet above ground; within 3 miles of airports; near full scale aircraft; near noise sensitive places such as churches, schools or hospitals. This Advisory Circular does not apply to the use of drones for a business purpose. This new regulation, when implemented, will apply to drones flown for business purposes. The WSJ article makes no mention of how the FAA might address drone flying by hobbyists. I would speculate that the current Advisory guidance might still apply but that remains to be seen.  Meanwhile…….

A couple weeks ago in the late afternoon  it was still  beautiful and warm so we got the drone, jumped on the golf cart and headed out for a good spot. The 14th fairway where it overlooks the Fripp Inlet and across to Hunting Island was perfect. It is easy to loose track of which direction the drone is going and I did on both of these flights. So, I used an amazing feature the drone has. When flying, if the drone looses the radio signal from the controller it climbs to at least 50 feet (or if already higher) then it starts back by itself. When  it gets to the spot where it took off from it slowly lands by itself….notice at about the halfway point in each video the drone turns to where we were , comes back and makes a nice smooth landing……

We then raced to the beach for this next one because the sun was going down fast….again, we let the drone return back to us on its own

Then, a couple days ago a friend and I went over to St.Helena Island looking for a good spot to fly. We found this little bit of public beach to launch from at Lands End.

Here is the little public beach on Lands End where we launched for the above video

Hope you like my drone videos…



















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