New Year’s Day walk on Fripp Island

We were both in the mood for eggs and hash browns. Ronnie suggested the Ocean Point Grill where they make great omelets. It was a beautiful morning  with bright sun……


After stuffing ourselves we drove home, got the golf cart and rode over to Beach Access Number 2 . We got out on the beach at just the right time….a super low tide …..


Tide so low we could walk all the way to the top of the picture at the north end of the island. Most times the sea is up on the revetment wall along here… can see the rocks are dark on the bottom.


A very pretty spot here at the north end of the Fripp Island

IMG_0595 IMG_0594 IMG_0596

Walked by one of the houses we rented……. the summer of 2011 when Brad and Kayla saw the big loggerhead  turtle come in to lay her eggs nearby


Back home to watch football after this….


 Michigan State Spartans make a miracle comeback to win the Cotton Bowl by 1 point over Baylor

                                                                                       Happy New Year !

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