New Public Boardwalk to the Beach

Went for an early beach walk yesterday morning….partly cloudy about 7 AM….


I walked by a loggerhead turtle nest found on May 2nd. It was the 3rd one found so far and the note on the post said the nest contained 127 eggs. I assume the early morning turtle patrol must have had to move the nest or re-cover it to know how many eggs are in it.


I walked on south toward the newly finished boardwalk out from Marlin Drive


A couple days ago I walked the boardwalk to create a  GPS trace so I could update  Open Street Map. However, when I just looked, the map still  shows only the original path zigging around to the south behind the Adams house. We rented this house for our first big family get together late July 2007. My GPS trace shows the walkway is  over 900 feet long. It  extends well out to the beach from Marlin Drive…

Merged view

When we rented this big 7 bedroom house (on the left of the walkway) in 2007 they had made a trail through the vegetation which had a few short sections of narrow boardwalk simply put down on the sand. Now you can’t get out that way. It has become a wetand area. The beach has changed dramatically in only 7 years


This is a wonderful amenity. The beach was no longer accessible from this point. Now it is a lovely and easy way to walk out to the Atlantic Ocean



The Boardwalk out to the beach from Public Access #3  is a beautiful construction…..and, I understand that it was paid for by the person who owns the lot on the left (house recently torn down) with the provision that the POA will maintain it.




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